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IGMM Operations Group

The IGMM Operations Group focusses on the development and management of the Institute operational (including estates management) and financial plans in support of the delivery of the Institute’s scientific strategy and long-term sustainability. The Group oversees business performance (e.g. research grant, research translation) together with the performance of all science support and business support operations in the Institute. The Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant ethical and regulatory standards, together with business continuity planning and risk management.



Hugh Edmiston, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Registrar (Chair)

Angela Ingram, IGMM Services Manager

Stephen Lissaman, IGMM Business Manager

Vivien Smith, Administrator of the School of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences

Rab Calder, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Estates


IGMM scientific statement

IGMM Governance Structure

The IGMM governance structure has been set-up to:


IGMM Governance Structure Chart


Science strategy development and research programme management is undertaken in partnership with the Centre for Population Health Sciences.


IGMM Executive Group

The IGMM Executive Group is responsible for determining the overall strategic direction of the Institute and its delivery through the research performance of each research centre within the Institute.  It is also responsible for fostering an environment of research excellence, collaboration, openness, honesty and respect for each other.




Director Professor Nick Hastie CBE FRS

Professor Nick Hastie
IGMM Director (Chair)

Professor David Porteous

Professor David Porteous
Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine Director

Margaret Frame PhD FRSE

Professor Margaret Fram
Science Director: Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre

Professor Wendy Bickmore

Professor Wendy Bickmore FRSE, FMedSci
Head of Chromosomes and Gene Expression Section, MRC Human Genetics Unit

Professor Tim Aitman

Professor Tim Aitman, MB ChB, FRCP, DPhil, FMedSci
Chair of Molecular Pathology and Genetics, Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine


Angela Ingram

Angela Ingram
IGMM Services Manager

Stephen Lissaman

Stephen Lissaman
IGMM Business Manager