scientific themes

Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC)

Science Director:
Professor Margaret Frame
Clinical Director:
Professor David Cameron

The Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC) aims to optimise the physical, financial and intellectual resources available within Edinburgh to deliver excellence in cancer research.

The ECRC is one of a network of Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) Centres, a partnership between The University of Edinburgh, CR-UK and NHS Lothian. The research in ECRC is, therefore, underpinned by a core CR-UK Centre Award and also benefits from UoE infrastructure and collaborative science.




Associate Centre


Centre for Population Health Sciences (CPHS)

Co-Directors: Professor Campbell, Professor Sheikh

The Centre for Population Health Sciences (CPHS)works collaboratively to understand the causes of disease, evaluate new approaches to disease control and translate findings into action at a population level.

The Centre encompasses the MRC Hub for Trials Methodology Research, the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre on Population Health Research and Training, and hosts the Scottish node of the Medical Research Council-led Farr Medical Informatics Institute.


IGMM partners statement

The Medical Research Council Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at The University of Edinburgh constitutes one of the largest aggregates of human molecular genetics research capacity in the UK, and brings together over 500 research and support scientists in a single, scientific endeavour.

By pooling the resources and complementary skills of our below partner centres and units, with unified governance and infrastructure, the IGMM brings together distinct expertise that maximises scientific discovery and translation of science.



Medical Research Council
Human Genetics Unit

Director: Professor Wendy Bickmore

The Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit (MRC HGU) joined The University of Edinburgh in 2012, becoming an MRC-University Unit.

The MRC HGU is at the forefront of research into the genetic mechanisms underlying human disease and associated biology, and aims to translate this knowledge into patient benefit.




Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine (CGEM)

Director: Professor Tim Aitman

The Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine(CGEM) provides a first class research and training environment in basic, clinical and genomics research with a strong emphasis and track record in translational research and experimental medicine.

The CGEM mission is to use genetics and genomics to understand the mechanisms of disease and inform novel intervention strategies.