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Code of practice for supervisors and research students

Graduate school policy statements

What students expect from their supervisors (as devised by the 2011 intake to the IGMM Graduate School!):

Supervisors should:


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3 year Student Handbook 2013

4 year Student Handbook 2013

CRUK 4 year Student Handbook 2013

IGMM studentship statement


Continuing students and their supervisors should note that the arrangements for matriculation have been changed in recent years, and are not clear from the university website. Matriculation is now achieved by the supervisor or Pauline confirming your attendance through EUCLID. This needs to happen within a few weeks of the start of the academic year, or a year from when you start.

We will send out reminders where possible, but it’s important that students and supervisors also try to keep on top of this to avoid deregistration. Cathy or Pauline can provide guidance for supervisors who
are unfamiliar with EUCLID.


Criteria for supervisors:

To be eligible to be a first supervisor, the following criteria must be fulfilled:


In addition, all appointments of students MUST be approved by the IGMM PGSC. This means in practice that at least one member of the committee should have been involved in the interviewing process, and the details of the chosen candidate must be approved by the whole committee. No applications for admission will be approved unless this has been adhered to. We will deal with applications by email as far as possible in order to expedite this process.

What to do if things go wrong

Supporting students: helping distressed students


First and subsequent years assessment forms can be found here (these should be signed off by centre or IGMM PG directors):

Postgraduate forms